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Nano rhyds

cOMPOSITION: Seen here at a scale of 100nm, the NanoRrhyd cell’s outer wall attaches itself to inactive (or attrophied) brain cells and provides a small pulsing charge to reanimate the dorment cell.


The NanoRrhyd is an artificially enginered cell, designed to find and repair atrophying or inactive motor nerves in the brain’s cerebelum. The NanoRrhyd cells work together like a reverse virus to fight and potentially kill the disease known as a Multiple Schlerosis (MS). While the NanoRrhyd virus is seen as a cure to MS, it actually only supresses the disease. Regardless, the technology has saved many lives and thus is the foundation on which Allen’s fortune and company (UniCore) was built.

NanoRrhyds have since been used in attempts to cure other motorfunction diseases. No known trials have proven successful.