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Tokyo, Japan

Kiyoshi is quiet, reserved, but deceptively dangerous.  He lives like a modern day samurai, loyal and honorable, determined to repay Allen's faith in him.

Raised by his father in Japan, Kiyoshi loves two things, fishing and martial arts, but when his back is broken in a freak fishing accident and he is left paralyzed, his father borrows money from the Yakuza to pay for a black market spinal prosthesis that is surgically implanted into Kiyoshi’s spine.  Kiyoshi recovers, but when his father cannot keep up with the payments, the Yakuza kill him and force Kiyoshi to work for them.  The brutal work leaves him emotionally numb, almost robotic, but when he is asked to kill a young boy Kiyoshi finally snaps, and instead of killing the young boy, he kills the Yakuza that are with him.  From this point forward he is on the run, hunted by the Yakuza and haunted by the violence that lurks within him, his honor stained by his past deeds, forever trying to find refuge from those who seek to kill him, and forgiveness from himself.

Kiyoshi’s spinal prosthesis is able to hold an electrical charge without harming him. Allen outfits a custom vest equipped with electrical amplifiers that can charge the spine. He then created a synthetic “wire vein network” that sticks to the back of Kiyoshi’s arms. The veins conduct the electricity from the spine to a pair of metal police batons fastened to two gauntlets, thus enabling Kiyoshi to shock his targets as he fights them.

A LEVEL 5 Clearance is required to access YOMATO KIYOSHI archives.