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Lucky Joe


South Hampton, MA

Joe is an ex-Special Forces Captain with two Purple Hearts and a Medal of Honor. Shortly after leaving the Special Forces, Joe is involved in a brutal car crash that kills his wife Anne and leaves Katie, his 6 year old daughter, in critical condition, comatose, and on life support. Allen learns of this former American soldier’s unfortunate circumstance and seeks him out. Allen offers to help Katie recover in return for Joe’s services as the leader of his privately funded operative program: Candlelight.

Joe is assertive, responsible, and bears a heavy burden of guilt for the deaths and losses of the people he cares most about.  Everyone he seems to love most dies.  He’s lost men under his command, and his wife and daughter to a car crash.  And while the car crash was a freak accident, Joe was driving at the time. This plagues Joe, leaving him sullen and despondent, a man of few words.Joe wears a furry, purple, “lucky” rabbit’s foot around his neck at all times – a gift from Katie, who is on life support in the Treadwater medical bay.  After every mission Joe goes to talk to her, reminding himself why he is with Treadwater, and hoping against hope that one day she will wake up.

Allen has made some “tweaks” to Joe’s lucky charm. Inserted into the rabbit’s foot is an Anti Magnetic Repulsor Orb. A secret technology developed by Allen himself, which, when activated, repels all metal in a six foot radius.  The rabbit’s foot can thus keep Joe safe from bullets and shrapnel even in heavy gunfire and overwhelming combat situations. Hence his nickname: “Lucky Joe”.

A LEVEL 5 Clearance is required to access Lucky Joe’s archives.