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Denham Town, Jamiaca

Jerry is an adrenaline junkie who seemingly always comes out on top, whatever the odds. He has no fear, and often pushes the limits.An orphan from the slums of Jamaica, Jerry is adopted by US Air Force Flight Commander, Nate Still, who teaches Jerry how to fly.  Living and growing up on the base, Jerry is able to observe the pilots first hand, and learn the tricks of the trade that would normally take a pilot years to acquire.

He is invited to participate in an elite flight program, which is only offered to a select handful of pilots.  Although he breaks every protocol of the simulated mission, he outperforms every other candidate, pushing the limits and getting a ½ a billion dollar fighter jet to do things not even its designers thought possible.

He wears a Jerry (from Tom and Jerry) sticker on his flight gear to symbolize his uncanny ability to avoid harm.As part of the Treadwater team, Jerry pilots the state of the art T1-Stealthfighter, which he has affectionately nicknamed “Black Baby.”When he's not working on Black Baby, Jerry is either in the kitchen, singing his heart out while making his special chicken-ala-walla, “the best jerk in all of Greenland”, or chilling out in the hangar bay with some Bob Marley, a little green, and his favorite Tom and Jerry reruns.

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