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Brooklyn, New York

Born and raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, Dom is your typical “from-the-neighborhood” Italian-American stereotype.  The loves of his life are the New York Yankees and his son Tommy. Dom is tough as nails, with a big ego and an in your face, “school-yard” sense of humor. He has a good heart, but is impulsive and bone-headed at times.

Dom was a decorated NYC Detective who lost his badge and good name when he mistakenly shot an unarmed teenager. He is devastated by his actions, consumed and plagued by what he has done. Thrown out of the police force, Dom begins drinking, and his ex-wife Lauren convinces the court to grant her full custody of Tommy.  Seemingly overnight, Dom has gone from a role model to an outcast, turned down and excluded from every job that would allow him to protect and serve people. Dom thus joins Treadwater searching for redemption.  Though the world may never know of his involvement, he will.

Dom has strong feelings for Sylvie and even stronger feelings toward the Yankees. He has even affectionately named his cannon “Big Bambino” after the “greatest Yankee of all time, Babe Ruth.” He and Joe butt heads on many occasions, on many levels.

When Dom is given time off from Treadwater, he regularly goes to visit Tommy – usually showing up at his school without permission.

A LEVEL 5 Clearance is required to access Dom’s archives.