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Managing Director; Engineer

Seattle, WA

Allen is a scientific genius and billionaire who made his fortune as the founder of Unicore, a cutting edge medical and pharmaceutical conglomerate that found the first effective cure for MS.  Since this stunning breakthrough, Unicore has become one of the leaders in the development of human-based technology.When Allen’s philanthropic wife travels to a Grey Zone against Allen’s wishes, she is inadvertently killed while volunteering at a health clinic. Allen cannot let his beloved Sheryl die in vain, so he steps down as CEO of Unicore and begins working on a new private venture.

But Allen is not simply a brilliant scientist and businessman, he is also equally adept at dealing with people, getting under their skin, discovering their hopes and fears in order to get them to work for him.

Allen has used UniCore's massive R&D budget to develop and invest in more personal projects.  One of these is known as Technological Research and Development Working Toward a Resolution (TRDWTR), a front for Allen’s secret operative program which he refers to as the Candlelight Program.

Thanks to Allen’s resources, the TREADWATER team has access to state of the art special technologies (AKA “Spec Techs”) in weaponry, armor, and Artificial Intelligence. Allen has outfitted his operatives with the best technology money can buy, increasing their speed, reflexes and strength, thus making them seem, at times, to be “superhuman”.

A LEVEL 5 Clearance is required to access Allen’s archives.