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TRDWTR, or “Treadwater” was always designed to be multiplatform. What began as a comic book has since evolved… We’ve created a world. A Universe. Get lost in it.



This is a dark and gritty action drama filled with secrets and twists. It will focus on the internal struggles and flaws of the individual characters, and every time something good happens, something bad seems to follow.

Like JJ Abrams’ LOST, as the series progresses we will gradually learn about the operatives’ dark pasts, and what ultimately brought them to Treadwater.


Select an operative, choose your mission, and join the cause…. Or be part of the chaos.


The craftsmanship and detail that went into making these 12” acrylic maquettes needs to be seen in person. Photos simply don’t do them justice. Collect them all!


“Treadwater” was originally conceived to be a film trilogy. Part 1 focuses on Joe, while part 2 is Sylvie’s story. In Part 3 everything changes. With a LEVEL 6 Clearance you can download the movie script for Part 1.